Braviloni Utensil Cooking Set

New 7Pcs Kitchen Utensils Set Anti-Bacterial Silicone Cooking Set Non-Stick

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7-Piece Kitchen Utensils Set Anti-Bacterial Silicone Cooking Set Non-Stick Heat Resistant Durable Lightweight Solid Steel Core in Attractive Bordeaux Color

Product Features

- This High Quality 7-piece Bordeaux Silicone Kitchen Utensils Cooking Set Includes: 1 Silicone butter scraper, 1 Silicone soup ladle, 1 Silicone spaghetti server, 1 Silicone slotted turner, 1 Silicone spatula, 1 Silicone spoon, 1 Silicone spatula spoon. Premium silicone heat resistant kitchen utensils in hygienic solid silicone coating. Non-stick cookware gadgets.

- Hygienic Solid Silicone Design - These hygienic spatulas have no seams or cracks to trap food or bacteria. Solid one-piece design - each utensil is made from one-piece silicone. Non-stick silicone utensils, ensuring complete protection when using with your expensive pots and pans!

- Durable, Ease Of Use & Easy Clean Up - Silicone utensils for every job with strong steel core, ergonomically designed handles and the perfectly shaped heads. The strength of the steel core silicone spatula will hold up to the severe use that chefs love. It won't break like cheap plastic handles. Large handles ensure maximum control whilst cooking. Premium non-stick silicone is literally the easiest substance to clean. Simply wipe under hot water or throw them in the dishwasher.

- Best Quality Materials Chosen For Longevity - Cookware gadgets / tools can be used up to 480f. You can mix and stir directly in your expensive pans. And they're stain and odor resistant so you'll enjoy them for years to come. Utensile silicone spatulas will not discolor, warp, melt or chip like your old plastic kitchen utensils or bamboo kitchen utensils. Heat Resistant, Stain and Odor Resistant, Dishwasher Safe. A great kitchen set or gift. Perfect present for new homeowners!

- Safe To Use With Cookware: Thank to the silicone surface, non of the untensil will scratch or damage your non-stick cookware or your expensive pans. In addion the silicon material withstands high temeprature therefore it will not melt as standartd plastic plastic kitchen utensils or bamboo kitchen utensils.

Product Description

Choose the perfect silicone spatula set for all cooking and baking needs. Silicone utensils are carefully crafted from a durable steel inner core, which gives the utensils flexibility and durability whilst cooking all types of foods. The outer body is made of beautifully colored premium silicone. All silicone used is Fda Grade and Bpa free. The end result is a utensils set that is super soft to the touch, but also easy to grip and very practical for cooking. Scratch resistant spatulas that won't scrape your pots and pans. Dishwasher safe or clean easily under hot water. What's In The Box 7pcs slicone kitchen tools - silicone butter scraper:313.3cm 93g/pc - silicone soup ladle:287cm 128g/pc - silicone spaghetti server:28.55.5cm 103g/pc - silicone slotted turner:287cm 105g/pc - silicone spatula:275.5cm 87g/pc - silicon spoon:285.4cm 107g/pc - silicone spatula spoon:276cm 95g/pc Spatula features:- Ergonomically designed, durable silicone coated steel core for a comfortable grip with some weight and balance - Flexible Heads with both curved and right angles perfect for Mixing and Flipping - Perfectly shaped heads: perfect for all those hard to reach places - High Quality Silicone Fda Grade, Bpa Free Silicone coated cooking utensil set- Hygienic solid silicone surface means no crevices for bacteria to collect - Heat-Resistant up to 450f - Stain and odor resistant - Non-stick - Won't scratch pots and pans - Dishwasher safe kitchen tools

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