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Rachael Ray Tools and Gadgets Lazy Tongs, Purple

Product Features

The tongs feature side notches so they can rest on the side of pots and pans when not in use, keeping drips off countertops

The tongs' soft-grip handle brings comfort to the kitchen

Lazy Tongs are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

Durable, contoured silicone is conveniently heat resistant to 500 degrees Fahrenheit

Rachael Ray is a trademark of Ray Marks Co. Llc

Product Description

Tongs are great for turning sausages, moving chicken fingers and plating steak. But where to put them when not in use is tricky that's where the ingenious Lazy Tongs come in. They have side notches so they can easily perch on pots and pans, waiting for the next time you need them. Not only do the tongs remain conveniently at hand, but any drips land safely back in the pot, not on the counter or stovetop. Rachael Ray Tools & Gadgets all have one thing in mind: making time in the kitchen fun and efficient. These Lazy Tongs certainly fill both criteria with their bright color and innovative design. They are crafted from tough yet contoured silicone for extra comfort in the kitchen and feature side notches so they can rest on the edges of cookware, always within easy reach. They also save the counter from being studded with drips and splashes. Conveniently, Lazy Tongs are heat resistant to 500-degree f and dishwasher safe for simple cleanup.

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