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Ttlife Stainless Steel Silicone Kitchen Utensils Cooking Set Heat Resistant Uten

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TTLIFE Stainless Steel Silicone Kitchen Utensils Cooking Set Heat Resistant Utensils Cookware 5-Pieces - 3 Silicone Whisk Set and 2 silicone spatula set for Blending, Whisking, Beating & Stirring Description: Material: Whisk: silicone, stainless steel handle Spatula: silicone Product colour and size: Large Red Spatula-10.82"x 2.1" Inches (27.55.5 cm) Small Green Spatula-8.26"x 1.57" Inches (214 cm) LargeRed Whisk-11.41"x 2.75" Inches (297cm) Medium Blue Whisk-10.23"x 2.76" Inches (267 cm) Small Green Whisk-8.66"x 2.2" Inches (225.5 cm) Gross weight: 326g Perfect for any kitchen, this 2-piece silicone spatula and 3-piece whisk set will help you with all your cooking needs. They are non-stick and will make your life much easier as once you are done with cooking you can throw them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning every time. Don't settle for an inferior whisk set when you can choose the best set today. The multi-size can allow you to cook a variety of meals with ease. The stainless steel ends allow for easy hanging on any hook in your kitchen, allowing for easy storage. If you decide it's not for you, Pay NOTHINGand keep your Whisk and spatula set with our compliments. Start reaping the benefits today. Once you try us, you'll want to stay with us. We expect this to be selling out quickly at a low price. Rather than simply reading about it, why don't you try. Please , while everything is still in front of you. We are getting lot of happy customers every day. Join Us Today. What's including in the Ttlife kitchen units : 1Large Red Spatula 1Small Green Spatula 1LargeRed Whisk 1Medium Blue Whisk 1Small Green Whisk

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